Bale Band It

The Bale Band It is an automatic small square bale packaging machine.

Taking small square bales directly from the baler, the Bale Band-It stacks the bales 3 high and 7 deep creating a 21 bale bundle that can be handled with standard loader attachments.

The Bale Band-It’s fully automated system unloads on the go, providing continuous, non-stop baling.


This in-the-field packaging solution creates efficiencies from producer to end consumer, making it the ultimate one man baling operation.


The Bale Band It provides many advantages

- It reduces manual labour

- Increases the efficiency of your whole operation

- Handling and hauling of bundles is just as easy as with big square bales

- Time to tie down a load is greatly reduced

- End consumer gets the same "easy handling" benefits as the producer

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How It All Works

The Bale Band It is powered using hydraulics from your tractor. The bales exit the baler, then turned on edge and stacked three high in the Bale Band It’s chamber, seven rows of three bales form the 21 bale pack.

The full process is continuos and fully automatic, once the 21 bale pack is formed it is pushed out the back of the machine, and the process starts again.

Also available on the Bale Band It 200 and 210 model is a pick-up unit, this attached to the Bale Band It chute and allows the machine to be used independantly to the baler for picking up bales off the floor


iBand-It app for iPad

iBand-It app raises the bar above the traditional machine control systems. The new monitoring system enables the user to see more information about the Bale Band It and baler, Including bales per hour, strokes per bale and Bale Band It capacity.

With added benefits of being able to record bale count and location by field and GPS location.

Bale Band It can now be manually controlled from the iBand-it App, allowing broken bales to be cleared from the tractor cab.


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